A Case Study

Art Of Change.

Illustration for the Art book and social justice campaign.
Art Directed and commissioned by Deb Stone & Dawn Yamazi

Whether the image is manufactured or edited, the simple truth is that the source of the image is unmistakably human. A life lays on the ground and we get another entry in an ongoing story of injustice, abuse and misunderstanding. During 2020 in America we witnessed the simple fact that men and women are still being murdered over the color of their skin. I was horrified to understand that the circumstances leading up to George Floyde’s death were an abuse of power and negligence.

The art book engaged a variety of artist to tackle injustice throughout American History, with a collection of images raging in topics of tragedy and triumph. I landed on an image which was too familiar in our present day. 

A Current Truth

The alternate image below was edited to just the phones and less of a crowd.
The final image proved to be more impactful with seeing more of the slain figure.

©Limbert Fabian