A Case Study

The Department Of Wonder.

The Department of Wonder is a mixed-reality immersive venue that dissolves the boundaries between physical and digital entertainment. The Experience Trust’s first original brick and mortar concept provides a portal for you and your friends to step into a quest. Immerse yourself in a hidden realm, engage with curious characters and realize your destiny. 
We believe in Magic. Our guiding light is to inspire creative imagination in every individual through boundless storytelling in uniquely immersive worlds.

Dept of Wonder opened to general audiences Oct 7th 2022 and won Blooloop’s Innovation Award for Best in Storytelling Experience that same year.

The Audience Is Part Of  The Story

Casting The Audience 
The Department of Wonder is a secret organization that has discovered a portal to another realm. They are in need of help retreaving Light, a precious resource in these dark times. That’s where the audience comes in! Casting them in a questing adventure that mixes exquisit stage craft, digital installation and theatrical performance all hidden behind a little lantern shop.

Surprise & Delight

Department of Wonder integrates cutting-edge technology, free roam exploration, and immersive storytelling to create a one-of-a-kind experience for families and groups of all ages. We want the audience to be suprised with what they will find the longer they linger 

©Limbert Fabian