A Case Study

Wonder’s Land

Within and Wonderscope.

Using Augmented Reality is like opening a door to a world that is hiding in plain sight. Within invited Flight School Studio to create an story for their Library of experiences on their Wonderscope App. The app which leverages AR to encourage kids to read through discovery and curiosity was a wonderful creative challenge for me and the team. 

We landed on taking inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and create a door to a world where a little fanatastical amusement park is in need of a little help. Our story entroduces a haggared little bunny that is looking for a replacemtnt for himself. But as he explains the job he falls back in love with it and is not ready to leave just yet. The readers get to engage by speaking and reading the words on their device while they use it as “looking glass” to reveal the world the rabbit is describing.  

Published as part of the library books availabe on the Wonderscope App.

Ring Leader Wanted

Casting The Audience 
The world unfolds all around you, Wonder The Rabbit is asking for your audition to be the new Ringleader to his Amazing Wonder’s Land Park. The audiences can scale the world around them and see the rides and characters revealed over their immediate enviornment. We wanted the kids to feel like they are truly peeking beyond the vail of reality and talking to this little guy no matter where they are. With the ability to do so. the readers feel like they have control of the world they are revealing. Text prompts on the device screen are read aloud and each phrase manifests a new event right before their eyes.

©Limbert Fabian